You are a fool! I didn’t clap for you because I didn’t have that feature. Now I do.

This is such a weird world now. I’m virtually clapping? WTF? This is surreal. Don’t know if I like this. It’s yet another manipulative AI algorithmic social engineering congame. And…I’m falling for it and I know it. Is this enough applause for your originality, Steve?

John Hopkins do you believe this? Are you going to start clapping? Is it okay to be manipulated into something if you know you’re being manipulated into doing it? Or am in danger of handing my brain totally over to Big Brother?

And by the way, what’s your take on Charlottesville? I realize you might know nothing about it being thousands of miles away, but I’m only 90 miles away and freaking the f@ck out!!! I gotta get out of here! Help!

The Klan basically had a big rally in my proverbial backyard. Suddenly, Virginia is too South for me. (I’ve only been able to live with it all these years by deluding myself with, “its Northern Virginia.”

It’s a thing we say up here, to try and convince ourselves we’re not really in the South. We are! And that’s really scary if you happen to be black and the Klan starts holding massive rally’s, just down the road.

I’m originally from the Midwest, which I hate. It’s actually more racist than the South. In a way. It’s complicated. The only real city there is Chitown. Real cool city but in the winter it gets dark at 3pm…and it’s crazy expensive. Plus there’s that whole black holocaust thing going down there.

Maybe San Diego? Everyone loves Cali, which is the reason It is crazy expensive, even though it is almost always on fire somewhere and doesn’t have enough water. That only leaves the east coast, (also crazy expensive) which will fall into the ocean soon.

Can I come to Scotland and hang out with you? I’m just kidding. If I leave the US, there’s a real good chance Trump won’t let me back into the country, and all my people are here.

And besides, you’re right. It seems the only viable option is another planet. Mars? They say it’s really not as desolate as it seems.

Maybe Colorado. The Rockies are beautiful. But Denver is rumored to be illuminati central…and honestly? There is a lot of weird, weird shit all up and through that airport. Like why is there a huge demon horse statue at the entrance? Just why?

But…I could stay high, denying the reality of the the whole world going to hell in a hand basket. Just a thought. I gotta get up outta here…

Working with the Light!

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