You are accurately observing a huge number of social ills, but are inaccurately blaming them on feminism, why? This is a time of exponential change, the likes of which humanity has seen…well never. There are so many factors that are causing so much instability in America and the world, as far as causes, I would guess feminism if any kind, does not rate in the top 100.

One if the biggest causes of American instability? Capitalism on crack. Globalism. This is one of the major reasons most American men are unemployed and largely disposable. Americans used to make stuff. Now we don’t. All the factories closed and moved to other countries where other non American men make stuff for 12 cents a day, and make a few wealthy corporate American shareholders very, very, very rich. All the Wealth of the American middle class disappeared in about a decade, housing crash and poof…almost everyone is much poorer, and yet no one has figured that one out, yet.

As a result, yes men are suffering, but people are suffering. And in my humble opinion it is pure misogynistic idiocy to put the cause of this suffering at the feet of women.

If blame must be placed, shouldn’t it be on the rich and the powerful who keep insisting that most of the worlds wealth be concentrated in the hands of an extraordinary few? Wouldn’t they probably be the most culpable among us, if we must place blame for the extraordinary self destructive spiral humanity is in right now.

But even that’s too easy. Really we have only to blame ourselves. All of us have been doing really stupid stuff for a long long long time. Stuff like wasting energy blaming feminism for all the worlds ills. Playing these idiotic divide and conquer games. Its the Mexicans. Its the Blacks. Its the whites. With you its the women. Fascinating.

Things are way out of balance on this planet, in a multitude of ways. Men suffer profoundly at the hands of more powerful, greedy and corrupt men, not women. And then, because these men suffer so, the women they encounter suffer even more. Finally the children, the least powerful…I guess they are to be blamed for the fate of men as well? If only children weren’t born needing things! Oh the pressures kids place on men to provide! Those horrible children! They are the cause of society’s downfall! Honestly, this is how you sound to me. And on the one hand, it is utterly fascinating to read your posts. It shows me that people will blame almost anyone for their problems. Here is some advice, you want to place the blame accurately, where is squarely belongs? Blame yourself. Blame no one else. All these problems we face, what are you doing to fix them? Oh, I know. You’re dragging feminism. Way to save the world.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!