You Are All Clear!

Can You Imagine What it Would Feel Like to Owe Nothing to No One? Let’s Do it Now!

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity- Day 3–3D Consciousness All Clear!

This daily activity has been prepared for Day 3 of the Abundance Challenge (Click here for full instructions to the challenge.)

Sat Chit Ananda

Existence consciousness bliss

As we learn to cultivate a consciousness of abundance, one of the things that we must do is pay attention to the quality of the energy we are offering to the universe, or as Chopra would describe it, the unified field of consciousness, that which is connected to everything and creates everything.

Pay Off Your Debts

Remember all of those debts that you listed out yesterday? Well, your task for today is to write out checks with payment in full of all of those debts! This is a focusing activity. You are focusing on being debt free. You are focusing on a world where debt doesn’t even exist. Not for you. Free your world. Free your world from what you thought it was; and free it from all structures of lack, limitation, scarcity and fear.

You thought the world was filled with debt that needed to be paid off. Think again. All of your debts have been paid. It is not your job to worry about how this happens. It is not your job, even to worry about when or if this happens.

It is your job to trust in the universe and believe that it will happen; and offer a vibration of gratitude for the wonderful blessings that you currently have in your life. This is how you can cultivate abundance consciousness!

If this is the kind of world that you want to attract into your life, then go for it! How does such a world change how you think? Better yet, how does such a world make you feel? Free! You are free!

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Working with the Light!

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