You are describing about 2/3rds of Texas. And although you describe the culture quite aptly (for some regions of the country) I can tell that you don’t fully understand American idiocracy, because you’ve never endured a place like Texas, for any length of time.

Texas is hell.

It is run by white men who can converse about nothing but all the guns they have, they huge trucks they drive, and killing anyone who fails to worship them.

If anyone should happen to talk about anything else (like doctors talking about public health, reproductive health especially) they get subjected to death threats, by these violent white men who need to dominate every aspect of all conversation with talk of guns, trucks, football and Jesus.

Texas has a teen pregnancy epidemic, because no one is allowed to explain how pregnancy happens. Teen pregnancy of course causes poverty — but Texas doesn’t care…cause guns, football and Jesus…these motherfreakers.

In Texas, the cars and trucks all have bumper stickers saying “shoot a liberal.” They sold these stickers EVERYWHERE and this was BEFORE TRUMP, as the last time I was in Texas (seeing these stickers everywhere) was 2012. Hated it.

Texas is a big part of the reason Trump is our President. Put a cowboy hat, and a deeply annoying southern drawl on Trump, and he is the mascot the epitome of Texas.

Surely, Trump is viewed as a God in Texas. They probably have replaced Trump on the crucifix, pray to him every night, with rosaries made out of little Trump heads with cowboy hats on them.

If back in 2012 they were giddy about killing liberals (cause you know Obama), no doubt they want to draw and quarter anyone who doesn’t adore Trump; and they do such things to people in Texas. They are proud of the fact that they chain people (blacks and liberals) to the back of their trucks and drag them though the streets.

It is true. That is Texas.

If you were to personify Texas, it would be a drooling idiot, walking around public square with a glass of beer and an AK-47, shooting at the sky and liberals and doctors who explain how young girls get pregnant or how COVID -19 spreads.

Being in Texas requires that you tune your IQ to about 90, as intelligence is offensive and also a reason to kill someone. Shoot a liberal? Why? Because liberals read and think. (The root word of liberal is liber which means book in Latin.) Reading and thinking are high crimes in Texas; as it is in much of the South, and that tied directly into slavery, where reading and thinking literally was a crime- for slaves.

Good forbid you read and think in Texas…for if you did, you might not believe the drooling, drunken shooting idiot, when he tells you your purpose is to be his slave and to be incessantly raped, while popping out endless slave babies for the prison industrial complex, run by, of course, drooling, drunken, shooting idiots (a lot of whom are disgustingly fat and red too boot, pink pillsbury doughboys with big guns, and tiny brains.)

Texas is hell.

Working with the Light!

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