You are right! Luckily we all get to be privileged at one time about one thing or another. I don’t deny any of the privileges I’ve enjoyed. There are certain times when someone like me enjoys certain privileges. That’s why I know it is ridiculous to act like privilege does not exist. Clearly it does, but it is a fluid thing that changes depending on the circumstances. People who are over privileged in one area of life are under privileged in another.

Most people who know me allow me to express unpopular views, because they know I really strive to be fair, honest, decent and true. As for the wild, worldwide web, I get attacked for my unpopular views. All the time! I will probably be attacked here, because I’ve said plenty that is controversial, uncomfortable. I’m also addressing issues that most people are unwilling to address. But if you consider yourself someone dedicated to speaking the truth, as I do, being attacked, often viciously, comes with the territory.

Working with the Light!

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