You are right. Anger hardly ever evokes compassion, and certainly destroys reason.

But in America black people have been wrongfully killed for centuries and have tried all sort of compassionate and conciliatory and reasonable movements to move beyond the odds stacked against them. MLK, for example, took a page out of Ghandi’s playbook. He brought the one and only nonviolent movement that America ever had to fruition and was killed for it. Nothing’s been right since and anger, sadly is all that’s left; and it’s no ordinary anger either.

Being compassionate, loving and kind has been a staple response of blacks in the face of so much white brutality that is totally Ineffective at this point. It is taken for granted. It is completely expected — and it causes me to wonder about the limits of that particular vibration. Kindness is often mistaken for weakness and kind strong people often get angry and only then are they respected. I speak from experience.

I mean we have cliches about love conquering all, and turning the other cheek and forgiving our enemies, but when you are dealing in those lower vibrations it is extraordinarily difficult to carry out. I think about it a lot, because it’s something I’ve not been able to do consistently. Though I would like to.

Working with the Light!

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