You, as a woman. As my mother. Please, hear me.

Do not vote for this man.

It will hurt.

With love,

Your daughter

I can’t help but imagine how many daughters are thinking and feeling this, while not outright saying it, as you have. But honestly, you can plead this all you want, and relatives, male and female, largely don’t care.

I mean so many women voting for Donald Trump, (he seems to have a really good number of women supporters, despite what the polls suggest), largely don’t care that he’s harmful to them. Why would they care if he’s harmful to you? When people think so little of themselves that they won’t even consider their own self-interests, well that’s a group of self-destructive people; and honestly, that’s a lot of women in this country.

I wonder, truly, what is wrong with humanity, that so few humans care at all about all of the blatant disrespect, disregard and violence that is directed at women and girls.

Let me show you how bad it is. I know quite a few people who are either voting for or not against Trump. Not necessarily shocking, except for the fact that - they are black men. The media keeps saying Trump has 0% of the Black vote, but that can’t be true. It really can’t, because I know far too many who say they are voting for Trump. And it’s like really? But why so many black men for Trump? Isn’t it obvious? They refuse to vote for a woman. They’d rather vote for someone who would not lift a finger to stop the Trump mob from stringing them up on a tree, than vote for a woman. And, if you call them on this, their response is “Trump is not racist! Name one racist thing Trump has said!” And then there is a long diatribe against Hillary Clinton, most of which does not list any of her great sins. Sure she has them, but they don’t even know them. All they know is that she is a woman with some power and they find that utterly terrifying. They are deeply resentful, at a gut level, that this woman should yield so much power. So they claim Trump’s not racist, and plan on casting their votes for him. Can you imagine? Yeah. Trump’s not racist, like Trump’s not sexist. Whatever. I can’t reason with that. I give up.

At any rate, there are so many people, male and female a like, who may or may not dislike Hillary Clinton for political reasons, but they certainly dislike her for gendered ones. Which is to say there is a deep and profound resentment, both among men and women, that a woman has the kind of power and influence Hillary has. It’s really deep.

I sincerely hope that dialogues and conversations such as these, shift people to really seriously evaluate their thinking around these issues and their choices - but I’m seeing really, really slow progress here.

The disrespect, disregard and violence directed at women and by extension (and quite honestly more importantly) children, is a cancer that will destroy this human race; and unlike all the cancers facing us (we have many: global warming, globalism, and other isms) we rarely discuss this one.

Working with the Light!