You call me a liar (in big bold letters, no less) but he’s screaming by the second sentence, BLUE LIVES MATTER! WTF?

Are we seeing two differences vids? I don’t think so. You didn’t dismiss anything, you simply skirted around all the racial issues I raised by going into your “I’m not a racist” diatribe, that almost every single white person in America (except the honest ones who own their racism) have.

News flash: I am black, which is to say I have several different versions of this particular spiel, yawn, yawn, you are not unique and your response is just boring. I don’t care if you are racist (clearly most people are.) Nor do I care if you are inclined to own it. It makes no difference, it’s everywhere, and I know for a fact that in these parts, it means Clarke better make sure to keep his screaming ass North of the Mason-Dixon Line, cause maybe blue lives matter (he shrieked), but Black ones don’t once you go poking around certain parts of Virginia. And Virginia is likely where he will end up as both Maryland and D.C. will be far too liberal and Black for his and his white wife’s liking.

I am thrilled at the idea of a Trump White House chewing this guy up and spitting him out. I mean Steve Bannon, is going to want this dude’s head on a platter before he even gets to town. And I admit it, I am being petty and spiteful and mean, being gleeful about this man’s impending downfall, but I just don’t like him, or his type.

And thats the one upside to a Trump White House. It is so refreshing to watch truly despicable people attempt to destroy one another…downside is they want to take the rest of the country with them.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!