You didn’t know? It totally is…such an American thing!

Get this…the typical response is : they’re just jealous of us.

It was of course an a very affluent immigrant from a Middle Eastern country who made me aware of my American privilege. She and I became good friends despite the fact that she was was always calling me a stupid, silly American. My response to her, (at the time, which was years ago,) was “I’m not American, I’m black!”

Finally, she said (in exasperation) “Black! Black! what is this Black?”

I thought that was so funny…and then I really couldn’t explain it to her- except to say, “It’s what most Americans think your privileged ass is- and that’s why they will never, ever, ever, ever, treat you, like you are used to being treated. They look down on you, and always will, believe that.

That, she came to understand. And that changed her. Well, though she liked to deny it profusely, she had the privilege of wealth wit her her growing up with 12 servants, paying cash for her American house self. She told me (in my country, everyone has servants.) Yeah right. Who serves the damn servants, and then who serves them? naw. Everyone don’t have servants. So, we all got our stuff. Doubt her hand were any cleaner than mine…but…

Finally I asked her…”Why I always gotta be a stupid American? Why you always calling me that?”

Finally she told me, how her country viewed America and why. My mind was blown…and it was all true. All the kinds of stuff you mention here.

Well, ever since I try to raise awareness amongst my fellow Americans. Guess what? They don’t care. It’s just like my Friend said, “Americans are stupid and silly and obsessed with themselves and they don’t pay any attention to anyone outside of their country.”

I keep telling my fellow Americans- Yo! We really need to pay attention to how the world sees us! For real! The world is getting small. These other countries are getting pissed.

I get ignored. Most Americans are totally oblivious to anything going on in other countries- or even, how, especially with Latin America- our immigrant problems MS-13, are ones that America created. And we should think about that! Mexico border us…and they got no love for us…why would they?

My sister often says North Korea is sane and rational acting- given the threat that America is. I had to think about it…and then damn, I had to agree.

Thanks for this. I know that you and I don’t always see eye to eye, but when you really go out on these truth-telling limbs where you will probably get nothing but static from your base, I gotta give you props! (A lot of Pubs in that base and they are gonna be hot and hating!) Good luck with this one!

Working with the Light!