You have no idea who I am or what I’ve demanded or even what I’ve gotten. I’ve always been smart enough to get exactly what I’ve wanted; and I know that it’s total bullshit to tell someone that happens by being good, and working hard and playing by the rules. Total bullshit, so I don’t fall for the “don’t feel entitled” bs. I am entitled, because I am entitled to whatever I am willing to fight for and take and that’s all. With that said, I get mines. I get mines and then some. How else could I have the luxury of arguing with you all damn day, out of sheer boredom?

But everyone else is not me, so as they attempt to break out of this mental slavery, I applaud their exploration of all kinds of new concepts, like black lives mattering, female lives mattering, children’s lives mattering. I have always been drawn to the underdog, fighting for her or him, whoever that may be, because I can. When you and others like you try to bully them out of their new form of self-expression, I’m ready to defend them and their ideas, even if I don’t fully agree with them. I despise bullies of all kinds, and it doesn’t matter what anyone’s race, color, gender, nationality or any of that is to me, oppression is oppression, and you always seem to find ways to justify that oppression in really weird ways…you have a problem with people combatting the individual and institutional oppression they experience because it’s a form of NEo-Marxism?!?!?!?!


I am beginning to think your ideas are just too strange for me to engage…like a Kafka novel. You are on this whole other wavelength. I can’t relate. It’s just too weird.

Working with the Light!