You keep saying that, but it really doesn’t (need consent). It should be clear as day, to everyone in the world right now, that America is an Oligarchy that does whatever the f@ck it wants to do.

Our only hope is that infighting among the Oligarchs, will some how ended up benefiting the humans. It’s not likely, however.

A lot of Coulter quotes, but she’s small potatoes. What about Bannon? Do we like him now? See these are ethical questions, the Ttump administration causes me to consider.

Bannon is anti-war in Afghanistan, and that’s swell, but I swear, he drinks three pints of babies blood daily for nourishment, from new born babes that he has killed in front of their moms. I’m pretty sure he is a high level demon. So, do we want him to succeed? And if he does, what Pandora’s box does that open? Is it wise to make deals with high level demons, when it’s only going to open the door to 20 other high level demons? What do you think? These are interesting, philosophical, ethical and moral questions.

And the Coulter quotes…at least she is low-level demon. And admittedly I totally agree with this monstress on Afghanistan, but I also don’t believe she is entirely human anymore. She’s only on the one glass of babies blood diet, leftovers from the black demon market cause she’s not high post enough to merit her own murder death fresh baby kill session.

I’m kinda being facetious (kind of). I don’t have any evidence that Bannon and Coulter drink babies blood, but they are both crazy, divisive, hate-filled, people who look as if they are literally morphing into something subhuman.

Can we really applaud the thoughts and actions of these people, when they are ending up at the right decisions, albeit for all the wrong reasons?

I mean what kind of sick, twisted, wicked game are we playing with ourselves and the world doing this? I am seriously looking for answers.

Working with the Light!

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