You know? First world problems…might be merging with the third…this has always been my fear.

Our current situation makes me rethink our current Brave New World dystopia…what the future holds might actually turn it to a utopia by comparison.

In America, many of us have meaningless lives that are driven by mindless classism and consumerism and a variety of idiotic intoxications, reminiscent of Brave New World, (with sprinkles of 1984 all over — I mean slavery is freedom and work makes you free, just ask any shareholder of a prison corporation).

But as that breaks down, we all have to wonder, what’s next? And is it the Sudan (or so many other war torn countries like it?)

Oh God No. What have we done!?!

I have warned people…these political antics of ours are circling the third world drain. We really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole. Do we?

Conservative White folk worrying about Black lives matter protestors and immigrants picking oranges and bananas and cotton for pennies on the dollar and ISIS being UnChristian and Gays being unnatural and women who don’t want to be raped or pregnant, are seemingly oblivious to the threat of a Russia or China or Korea or a host of Middle East Countries, taking large chunks out of America out, because they’re tired of us being total assholes internationally.

The entire world is pissy with us…and has been for the past 20 years or so. How long do we think we can keep this up, without one of these countries striking back? Don’t we owe China like a gazillion dollars? Aren’t we not only NOT paying them back, but trying to flex on them?

I mean I get that it is rough on the farm, and I feel for the farmers and coal miners and truckers. I really do.

But when your farm is another Fukushima, your problems…all of our problems just got MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

I think most Americans are utterly clueless as to how deeply hated we are on the international scene. It’s not only the Jihadist who want to strap on a nuke back pack and blast one of our cities into radioactive bits, it’s actually a lot of regular everyday internationals who are tired of our sh@t!!!!! Our stupidity…the internationals laugh at how we are just about the stupidest people on earth. They despise Our self absorption. Our arrogance. Our complete disregard for life if it is not white American.

Making any of this worse by unleashing an erratic and unstable force onto a highly unstable international scene…(ahumTrumpcough)…well that is just asking for WWIII. Begging for it in fact.

God Bless America.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!