You know, I have to applaud you for engaging in discourse with me. But. Obviously, we’re very different with regard to the worldviews that we hold, and this back and forth between you and I highlights the limitations of civil discourse.

To me, with your worldview, you have constructed a fantasy. The idea of a nation where identity is unimportant-it’s sheer fantasy, like the world devised in one of Ayn Rand’s lesser known works: Anthem.

And yet, you go on and on and on about a world that is to me, just fantasy. And even if such a world did exist, as Rand pointed out in that novel it would be highly problematic.

You seem to want to construct a world devoid of anything you dislike. There’s no climate change, right? And Hurricane Harvey, that’s not really happening is it? And families aren’t being destroyed, when illegal parents are deported leaving behind legal children.

And I am sure (especially if you’re relying on Ann Coulter for clarification-horse-faced demon that she is) you feel totally comfortable justifying any number of horrendous things in the name of politics — identity free politics, where unfortunately those who happen to have the identity of “illegal immigrant” can have their lives completely destroyed. So clearly, your politics are far from being identity free.

In one of your posts you went on a long rant about what I am not doing, about police, about black lives mattering, about immigration.

Excuse me sir, but you don’t know me and have no idea, what I do or what I have done, outside of the posts you read here on Medium.

If you did, you know that most of my work has been hands on inside of systems, which is the reason I know how corrupt these systems are- including police systems. I know a lot about the ways those systems work, the kinds of crime within those systems that go unchecked, I know about Internal Affairs, and how those departments are often ruthlessly undermined.

I’ve watched power enough to know, that it corrupts…and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Police often get pretty close to having absolute power, and for a minority of them that does corrupt them absolutely.

But back to you. It is fascinating to watch you construct a world where there is always easy justifications at hand for allowing horrible things to happen to people. “Illegal immigrants should be sent back to their own countries.” Even when they were brought here as children? Even when they have no recollection of that country and may know no one there, and may not even speak the language? Even when they own property, homes and businesses, here? They should have everything substantial in their lives that they built over time, their family, their friends, their property and financial stability, snatched away from them because they are “illegal immigrants.”

Yeah and in Germany, Jews were Jews, that was “their identity” that caused all that exact same shit to happen to them, so yes I am absolutely comparing ICE agents to the Gestapo and so disruptive are they to the local governments that police, Our county police, are warning people about all of the deceptive practices ICE uses to body snatch people like pretending to be local law enforcement, for example, when in fact they are not. And they don’t cooperate with local law enforcement. They step on a lot of toes and anger and insult a lot of perfectly “legal” people, while wreaking havoc.

And so.

The resistance is real. And that’s just one example. On so many levels, in so many different professions, people are disgusted by violent strong arm tactics that fail to take into account what is best for an entire community-and not some idiot politicians election cycle, and the idiot ideas driving his crazy base. A base doesn’t speak for the entire country, and a base should not be able to force whatever, whatever crazy, fantasy dystopian ideas it has on an entire country.

Yes, I get that ICE is great for Trump, he can get up and dog whistle to his extremely racist base about all the brown people he has terrorized. It is not great for the communities dealing with this sort of disruption. We didn’t vote for it and we didn’t ask for it. No one wants armed and authorized thugs, (say it with me Nazis) running around their community. These types of people are extremely dangerous, more dangerous than even the criminals they are NOT catching.

Because those criminals are smart, and they know how not to get caught. They know how to set up and pawn off the illegals who are harmless and actually helpful in eliminating the criminal illegal element. Idiotic ICE takes the bait, and its lose, lose all around.

Our communities have become more criminalized, less safe and far more dangerous between the ICE thugs and the Illegal thugs, all so Trump can dog whistle to a base that doesn’t even live here. Well, actually some of them do. We definitely hold some of the Trump base.

How do I know this? I never protest. I am too old for that nonsense, but I attend a variety of local community meetings to stay up on the political insanity that is wreaking havoc on the stability of this nation.

I am involved in a number of community service agencies that deal with food insecurity, domestic violence, sexual assault and you can’t deal with those issues, without the causes that underlie them. One of the major causes in this area: lack of proper support for veterans. (Yet another identity I suppose we should just ignore.)

I am in the process of writing a grant requesting services for vets, and it’s a paltry request considering that the need is vast. And yet, under the Trump Administration, this issue gets no juice. Why would it? Providing resources to people who have earned them and deserve them, that’s not the least bit divisive. And god forbid any President force the federal government to be accountable to that group and actually do something to improve the assistance that vets were promised, but are not receiving.

And while the Obamas didn’t have a much better track record on this, at least Michelle Obama, made military families her focus. Yet, people some how figured out a way to be displeased with that and her. Why? She’s not the right color. So yes, we’re back to the identity politics.

But, identity politics, or lack of them, aside, it really appears to me that you live in a world that you want to exist, not to the one that actually does. And…in a way that is admirable. If we want a better world we have to start with the idea of it. I think the end you have in mind is great, but the means are bloody, brutal and a little psychotic in that you justify them by ignoring huge parts of reality that actual do exist.

I can’t argue with this. No one can. If you don’t agree to inhabit the same reality that I do (and you don’t) then we will always be arguing parallel, about two different worlds.

You are arguing about what needs to happen in the world that you have created. I am arguing about what needs to happen in a world that actually exists.

Now, I’m not saying your world isn’t true for you. I’m sure it is. But it’s not the world I inhabit, and so there really is nothing more for us to talk about.

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