You know…I think it’s really coming to that. The federal system is breaking down, I’m bearing witness to it. I am aware of how drastically different the states are having lived in Illinois, Ohio and Virginia. Once in Ohio, I drove a city block in reverse…I think if I ever tried that in Virginia, I’d be shot! Virginia does not play with these cars!!!!! You are going to pay through the nose to drive a car here in Virginia, and you will drive it right. They don’t play.

There’s also city versus rural. When those folk meet up, there is tension via cultural differences. I grew up in the city, but have spent the last 20 years in this rural/suburb of D.C. -so you’ve got the South, meets the big city (with D.C.) that has the very powerful and elite structure within it — but its funny. Most folk rarely see or interact with any of them, unless they want us to. I remember, days after September 11, President Bush demanded we attend a pep rally…I personally wasn’t in the mood. He gave a good pep talk though. I’ve seen Bush and Bill Clinton, but not Obama.

Texahoma huh? Wow. I have no doubt it’s like a foreign country. I went to Dallas, once, it freaked me out that they have bumper stickers that say “shoot a liberal” and everyone, and I do mean everyone had a gun.

Oklahoma. I know nothing of Oklahoma except that’s the name of a famous musical. In those deep middle and southern states, I will say this, it really does seem like you can set the clock back, escape the madness of this modern world. That is appealing.

Working with the Light!

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