You know it’s funny, but sometimes we totally agree! I love these questions (about money.)

I don’t think they relate the same way to marriage…but they’re still good questions.

I will give you this, you do think independently of the typical tropes, so I am going to take the time to invest in learning about the horrible, Marxist left and the identity politics it spouts.

I am not disagreeing with you that the left is just as manipulative as the right. There is no disagreement there.

I am not disagreeing that they use a whole host of divide and conquer political plots and schemes, no disagreement there either.

What I am saying is that the issues are REAL. People have to use some vocabulary to talk about clean water (or lack there of.) Labeling this conversation “identity politics” and then attacking that, is a huge distraction from the actual issues.

I’m not attacking anyone! (Okay well maybe a little, when I think my intelligence is being insulted.) But for the most part, I call for moderation, reason, critical thinking and intelligent discourse.

I tend to think along the lines of the really progressive political thinkers: Mike Meyer sand Joe Brewer who will tell you the entire economic paradigm that is running the globe, is breaking down right now.

It really is. And that’s probably a truth too big for most minds to grasp. But it should be obvious to anyone who has studied political movements throughout history, exactly what is going down. This is an extraordinary time of transformation. It would be nice if we could move through it, without a whole lot of fear and hate agitating everyone, but the economic shifts have people freaking out and they resort to baser instincts.

Neither capitalism and Marxism were built for this century, and can make any sense of what is coming next. The scholars who developed those theories lived during the 18th century! They had no idea — none- about what the future would bring.

We need something entirely different-and like it or not, we are getting it. The movement out of the Industrial Age into the information one, is well underway, and its changing everything.

Capitalism is obsolete and so is Marxism. Marxism was built around the “identity politics” of laborers. Well, laborers are very quickly becoming obsolete. So how can a political ideology whose entire constituency has become obsolete, continue to be relevant? It can’t!

Holly Wood, PhD 🌹 said, it best when she said capitalism doesn’t have a plan! It doesn’t. But destroying the earth is one of the side effects of this aimless, destructive economic theory, that is old, deeply flawed and seriously half-cocked, when it comes to sustaining the earth in a functioning state. People all over the globe are waking up to this…and are demanding something be done about it.

Now the demands of what should be done, can get crazy confusing, with no one really. Being able to explain with any degree of certainty why the climate is changing so dramatically all of a sudden.

But there are things that people do know is for sure. We all need clean water. We all prefer clean energy. We all see corporations making hand of fist money off dirty energy and water…so yeah we’re all a little skeptical of capitalism at this point. It’s old as all hell, and it doesn’t have any viable future plans.

Working with the Light!

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