You know what? Nobody deserves to be stereotyped in such a way. But you have to admit we have the Boomers to thank for Trumpism (the remix of Tea-partyism). Trump is a boomer after all, and this Gen-Xer is finding that he represents the mentality of a lot of Boomers. (Which is this land is my land…and this land is MY land…and did I tell you that this land is MY LAND…and I’m not sharing it with nobody…not the Xers, not the Mills and not anybody the least little bit different than me. Mine, mine, mine!) Now, to be fair the Boomers haven’t had an easy go of it…they took some losses in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. And yet, somehow they remain largely indifferent to the struggles facing the Xers and the Mills.

Working with the Light!

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