You know what? It’s totally crazy to me that you see any of this this way. I don’t see Trump that way, I don’t see how anyone possibly could.

Like, I am not trying to be offensive at all, you are just in some parallel universe on the whole Trump thing that I will never, ever, inhabit.

But, this isn’t about Trump. At least not for me. Trump is on meth and crack and hop all at the same time…why would I listen to that? I won’t and I don’t. Luckily I am not alone. Many, many people (to talk Trumpism) don’t listen to Trump. Many, many people think he is deranged or senile. Many, many people want to hear nothing else from him ever, ever, ever. It’s a bad, bad, bigly, hugely, bad thing.

Free speech is protected, under certain conditions. You don’t have the right to free speech in my house. And you don’t necessarily have the right to free speech in any public place. If your free speech comes with knives, bats, guns, psychopaths gleefully threatening to kill people, it’s not free speech, it’s an assault. Violence and terrorism is not ever permissible, not even when you slyly try to disguise it up in “free speech.”

That’s bullshit. No one is falling for that bullshit.

Beating old folks and fools, just because you have the brawn and the numbers, is heinous and cowardly. I know what I saw on Friday night, and that’s what I saw. Nothing — no bigly huge statements are gonna change that.

Working with the Light!

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