You picked the right word “torment” — I think Trump might be the “anti-Christ.”

Now hold on a minute…I know what you’re thinking…this is some crazy talk here. I’ve never been one of those people who believed and aremegeddon, the revelation prophecies or an “anti-Christ.” I’ve always wondered what the hell is an “anti-Christ.”

Well perhaps an anti-Christ is someone or SOMETHING that is anti everything Christ stood for, and has lots of followers, just like Christ.

Okay so let’s look at what Christ was FOR.

Christ was for LOVE — is Trump anti-love? Check.

Christ was for COMPASSION- is Trump anti-compassion? Check.

Christ was for Truth — is Trump anti-truth?Check.

Is there any quality held by Christ, that is shared by Trump?

No, it doesn’t seem so. Is it accurate to say that Trump is the antithesis of Christ? I think so. Can it be said that he is the antiChrist? Certainly.

Does he have tons of followers- oh God yes everywhere. And they are doing the most hateful things. Here in Virginia we have a public transportation system called the PRTC. Recently a man, hired in in Trumps image to run it, produced a reduction in force.

What does the reduction in force do? It fires ALL- ALL OF THE MINORITY EMPLOYEES- who happen to run the dispatch department. This is a unit that responds when the buses are in distress. Now mind you because of prior budget cuts these buses are catching on fire, running people over — they’re just not safe. But the dispatchers are dealing with it as best they can.

This guy fired THAT oversight, of that situation so he can save- I shit you not- $666,000. I shit you NOT, that’s the number.

What does he do with THAT Money? Hire three new chronies, to do his evil bidding and silence the press when they complain about busses going rogue or killing people.

Who pays for this? We the people. Well we the people were not amused. We went to our largely pub controlled Commission whining and complaining about this horrible proposal. What did they do? They Kavanaughed us. They pretended to care…and then did what the hell they wanted.

$666,000. I shit you not. Anti-Christ.

Working with the Light!

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