You prove her points precisely…you are so hung up, on how pubs STOLE the election, yet again…you don’t see how incredibly angry this is making people who are literally in the actual physical majority…not some Gerrymandered fake majority, but actual physical bodies…three million bodies is a lot more physical bodies…physical bodies that will do things like dive garbage trucks and park them in front of Trump Towers.

Are you going to take your physical body and move the trucks? Cause guess what? They needed to be moved and no one was in a hurry to do it. There are 8 million people in New York, where Trump pays to play…how many of those New Yorkers actually voted for him? Not enough to get those trucks moved quickly.

If you support Trump, then you need to stop making his life more difficult by being so freaking obnoxious that you cause some 65 plus million people to relish at the sight of garbage trucks in front of his Towers.

The more you antagonize more than half of the country, the more pushback there will be against Trump and his agenda. And then nothing gets accomplished, everyone loses. Great job! You won! Nothing. Here’s to winning a whole lot of nothing.

Logical concepts are not ones that a typical Trump supporters brain can usually accommodate — and there are physiological reasons for this. When a brain is operating in a perpetual flight or fight mode, it essentially damages itself and is stuck on irrational. So you’re going to come back with something along the lines of:

“Shut up cause you lost butt hurt libtard! And la la la Im not listening to any rational thoughts, la, la, la, I’m terrified and I live my fantasies, where I feel all powerful when I call people libtards!”

But the fact that your behavior is so ridiculously, predictable, the fact that you are essentially a one trick pony, and that is the trick, actually puts you at a grave disadvantage. You do the same things over and owner again in a world that is now moving at the speed of light. The opposition is moving on…you keep doing that, and you will be blindsided, and not even by the opposition, but from those who you back and it is happening right now. You were a pawn and you were conned. Sad thing is, you are never going to realize it.


Working with the Light!

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