You seem to think that these women are somehow atypical, to the Republican Party and to women in general — they’re not.

Sadly, as someone who has conducted my fair share of sexual harassment investigations, and represented these types of clients in legal proceedings, let me say this: all the above is fairly typical stuff, having nothing to do political affiliation, but rather people’s deeply repressed feelings about sexuality (theirs and others) both men and women get into the “she had it comin!” “Why is she complaining?” Trope, and both men and women get into the “I believe her! No matter what! I believe her! Believe her! Believe her!!!!” Camp as well.

Usually all that has to do with is their own views and experiences, repressed and other, about and with sex.

The truth, is almost always impossible to know…even between the two people involved.

There is so much gray usually…except in the cases of plotting and planning on getting someone enibriated and having a go at them…which is a thing in America’s frat houses…anyone who has attended an exclusive school know this it is common knowledge, but they he schools like to pretend it’s not…bad for business if they admit…”our schools are a bit rapey.”

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!