You sound hysterical. Is this the latest making the news on Fox? That the Dems want to kill Trump? Are you serious! The Dems love Trump. He is screwing the Pubs over so hard, no Dem would ever want to see Trump go. Nope. By putting Pence behind him, the Pubs ensured that no one wants to see Trump go. At least not until his term is up. No one wants a president Pence, except Vice President Pence.

So yeah, we are stuck with Trump. The Pubs know they are stuck with Trump and he is making life hard for that party! He is exactly what they get, and I personally love the way he gives them a run for their money!!!!!!

Let Trump be Trump! Well he is totally destabilizing the international scene, which was pretty fragile anyway.

Do you have any idea how hard things will become in America financially if the yen replaces the dollar as the global currency? Of course not. Does Trump care? Of course not. He can work in dollars or yen, it makes no difference to a business con like Trump, if the American dollar is totally destabilized. But it sure as hell makes a huge difference to all Americans. Your okay American life, gone. No House, no car, no food.

I can’t blame the fall all on Trump…it’s been coming for quite sometime, but destabilizing the. International financial scene for his own GLOBAL business interests, will devastate most average Americans. And the proof that he is a globalist is in his International hotels all over the damn world! You kill me with this…there is no proof!!!! How can a business man who wants to make deals all over the world out America first?!???

And why would he????? That doesn’t make money?????? Do Trump supporters even have a clue as to how money gets made? Do they even have a clue as to what globalization is and how the Trump family thrives off globalization!!!!!

You do know that Trump’s granddaughter is Jewish and speaks Chinese! Yeah those Trumps are clearly over your American ass…but by all means…throw your money at Trump and make him richer, while he tries to sell off America (and you) to the highest bidder.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!