You’d be a fool not to acknowledge that reality is not what mass media rams down everyone’s throats, I made that discovery at about age 5, but that has nothing to do with what you’re discussing.

You are trying to move people away from a certain political perspective, which to me is beyond the point. All these political systems are corrupt. I don’t need to be red-pilled out of one into another. Leave one fake reality to embrace another. That’s idiotic.

Laci Green did a great job educating people about sex, then she got pulled into all sorts of rabbit holes, and much of what she discusses now is pointless jibber-jabber, Babel.

That happened by design. She was doing a good thing. Educating people about basic, basic stuff. Then she took the bait. Went on an idiotic goose chase. A fool’s errand. And really that’s what’s going on right now in this conversation with you.

You don’t really want to understand why racism is problematic in America, or how these problems are also your problems, you simply want to do this goose chase.

I’m not interested.

Working with the Light!

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