Your post touched me…I remember, twenty-two years ago, doing the exact same thing with my infant son and his toddler brother, while being freaked out that the Republicans had gained control of Congress for the first time, in something like 25 years. There was so much hoopla about it…and yet, honestly, my life was largely unaffected by that.

My father always told me, “Amber people only have as much power as you give them.” Trump and all his flunkies want our power, which is to say, they want us to think of them, fear them, worship them — to which I say, don’t.

Don’t give them that energy. Don’t teach your children that they deserve that energy. In fact seek to vibrate beyond the space and time that contains Trump and company. Yes, they seem to want to tear up the world, and in fact they will tear up many worlds, but, yours doesn’t have to be one of them. There are many worlds that they can’t touch…they can’t vibrate within them. Make your world be one of those. You are on the right path already.

I just listened to this audio book on YouTube: Transurfacing Reality. It provides a really interesting explanation as to how and why we pull negative experiences into our reality when we think about them too much. I witnessed my sister do this the day after the election, and perhaps I even helped. She had thoughts of all the extremely negative things that could happen to her children due to a Trump presidency — and like clockwork those things actually did start to happen, the very next day after he was elected!

She had been obsessing over this for quite some time. I kept telling her not to give energy to it, but she couldn’t help herself. It is difficult when you are looking directly at that which you do not want. But she kept at it, and her worst fears manifested.

But then, because I had been meditating and studying other spiritual principals for quite some time, with the help of like minds, I refused to recognize that reality and in doing that we turned that all around- energetically, spiritually — I’m here to tell you focusing your mind on a positive reality and absolutely refusing to be distracted by all of this illusory madness works. It really does work and these are the skills we all need to be honing right now.

I think this is why everyone and everything is so polarized…these old systems are breaking down, so many who are so accustomed to having power through fear are losing that power. The way fear has been used, for centuries, for millennia, to control people- it is just not working in the same way, and this makes those forces who work in fear even more determined to make us afraid, to infiltrate our peace of mind, to get that energy and that power back. Don’t give it to them.

Believe, really believe, that for you and yours, the world is a kind, amazing wonderful and just place. Believe it and you will create it — For you and for your children. But you have to believe it. Really believe it, and that’s where most people get tripped up.

Here is a ten minute meditation that walks you through focusing on the reality you want and creating it. Give it a go. I was skeptical for many years, but I want you to know, this works. Our minds are extraordinarily powerful, if only we would use them right.

Working with the Light!