Your response is word salad. (Yay two more points for me.) You didn’t answer any of my questions (and seriously I wanted some answers! I was curious!) And instead just enormous digressions on your vague support of laws. Which laws? The laws for asylum seekers? The laws for immigrants illegally entering the country? Or the variety of laws (or lack of them) around gun ownership? Nevermind. I know I’ll get no straight answers here. The last word salad response is evidence of that.

But now I’m curious about word salad (because Trump has made word salad quite the thing.) Do you actually think your response to me made any sense? Or are you aware of the whole world salad response? Are you purposely trying to confuse a whole host of issues? Or is your thinking just that disorganized?

I asked you nothing about laws. Sure I mentioned them, through out some assumptions, but no, I don’t want you explaining the law to me.

I just wanted to know why you felt the need to comment on the concentration camp article, with your propaganda. What was your goal? Who are you trying to reach? And do you think it’s working?

I mean obviously it’s not working on me…but I’m just one person, vigilant about not submitting to any propaganda-although it’s getting slicker and more sophisticated by the second.

Yours, for example, was pretty good. I call you on it- and instead of giving me so straight answers like: Yeah my friend Cal is really upset about the kids at the border, and I don’t want him to go soft, so I’m all like “ Cal, look! These kids! Their parents are criminals!” To bring him back around to my side.

You give me more misdirects, more distraction…somehow we’re talking about laws you support (with no real specifics) -and my assumptions (fair enough) but nothing on the propaganda you are proliferating about the border situation.

I’ll ask again. Why are you proliferating propaganda around the border situation? Who are you trying to convince? And why is it, that when I ask you this question you not only refuse to answer, but offer me word salad.

No thank you. I take my words in logically ordered sentences only.

So now…given the word salad…I’m also trying to figure out why you don’t want to answer my question. It could be one or more of several things:

  1. You don’t want to admit to your engagement in the proliferation of propaganda or
  2. You don’t want to admit that your statements are in fact propaganda or
  3. On some level you recognize that the concepts of concentration camps are morally reprehensible and you want to distance yourself from them or
  4. You can’t or won’t recognize that you are co-signing the usage of concentration camps and the word salad is a sort of psychological barrier to the recognition or
  5. You are totally fine with concentration camps, you just don’t want to admit this publicly.

I’m not judging your viewpoints in anyway. I’m just trying to understand your thinking.

There are no easy answers to the border situation. And labeling the detention centers as concentration camps (or not) solves no problems. So I’m just wondering what it is you hope to accomplish by distracting from and/or seeking to minimize the fact that the detainment centers are concentration camps?

I think that if you drill down, your comments really serve no purpose, other than to make you or someone else feel better about policies that are absolutely reprehensible to quite a large number of people.

Working with the Light!

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