You’re absolutely right and I think this is the reason that leftist media ignores it, while right media jumps all over it.

The fact that minorities are capable of a depressing level of inhumanity does not fit the narrative the left pushes, and responding aggressively to this particular story would definitely be politically damaging in so many ways. The only politically correct response the left could provide, is the one provided for Dylan Roof, something along the lines of, “well those kids were mentally ill, sick, etc., but that doesn’t capture the reality of what’s really going down in Chicago.

The truth is — and I happen to know something about this having lived in Chicago- there is a huge and extraordinarily violent black underclass in Chicago that has been in the making, for at least the past 50 years. Trace it back to the Cabriney Green housing projects which are legendary for their state of war conditions — so the video posted on Facebook is not all that unique. This sort of thing happens all the time in certain parts of Chicago, and it has been happening- FOR YEARS- what’s unique about the video, though, is that the victim happens to be white.

I assure you, there are and have been thousands of these kinds of incidents coming up out of the Chicago projects, and yet -this one gets national attention because the victim is white. That changes the game a bit. The left can no longer ignore the problem, and the right gets to jump all over it saying: see! I told you this was a problem! But what neither party wants to deal with are the infinitely complex number of different and compounding conditions that created the problem. It started with slavery, it was deeply exascerbated by the conditions all African-Americans were subjected to with the abolition of slavery and the cherry on top is the “war on drugs.”

The truth is, both parties are responsible for the creation of the problem. The role the left played was more of a “well we really tried to do the right thing, and it backfired.” The right played a role, which was “we will doggedly undermine everything the left tries to do with regard doing the right thing for racial equality.” And the left and the right have been playing this game since before the civil war.

And that is this country’s curse with regard to the immorality and brutality of slavery, trying to remedy that immortality and brutality, and undermining all of the remedies. There are consequences to this sort of incessant ambivalence, and the consequences are a huge, incredibly violent black underclass in Chicago that cannot be contained. This country created this, in more ways than one. This really is a, as Malcolm X, notoriously and controversially stated, a “chickens coming home to roost” sort of scenario. You can’t brutalize and torture a group of people for centuries, and not expect that eventually, that brutality and torture isn’t going to turn back on you. It’s just unrealistic.

For those who want to deny, slavery has anything to do with this, (and yeah that’s a typical right response to act like there is no such thing as cause and effect, to act as if treating a group of people horrorifically for centuries had no consequences, because everyone has “personal responsibility” — yeah that whole fantasy) I could get into the whole “war” on drugs and how that completely decimated the functionality of African-American communities-and especially in urban areas — and that it was done, once again by design. And all kinds of political policies right and left, supported that “war.” It seemed like a good idea at the time, this “war” on drugs…but the war is ongoing and having decimated African-American communities, the war had to move on to other communities- now, rural white ones.

War is a cancer, where everyone loses.

So…here we are. The creation of a violent and inhuman-acting black underclass is a huge problem which both the left and right created over centuries.

There are no easy solutions anywhere on the horizon. The general idea was (by those who armed them) that they would destroy each other. And that happens, all day everyday, and yet that cancer can’t be contained. That’s the thing with cancer, it spreads.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!