You’re absolutely right, but that hardly matters, as this was never a true democracy, and always supposed to be a republic. Now it’s an oligarchy, just barely maintaining the facade of being anything else. The Dems aren’t even trying anymore, they’re basically like, “the jig is up people, it’s pretty clear that we’re never going to give you what you want, we don’t work for you!”

Meanwhile, the Pubs are (I guess) still at it.

My point is identity politics are old. These parties have to get huge groups of people to identify with them, and they do it by appealing to some aspect of their identity. I stand by the Dem/Pub identity breakdown. The numbers and the demographics support it. It is what it is. I think, especially at this point, it’s a particularly futile argument as to whether or not it should be.

Working with the Light!

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