You’re right. And clearly you are a female cop. You are a totally different animal than your male counterparts, and such a small minority on forces nationwide.

And…you take so much shit. I know. I handled plenty of female cop complaints of sex discrimination.

I just wanna to say: I see you.

I saw that you did your job better than most of your make counterparts.

I saw that you did it against all odds.

I advocated for you, as well as I could — AND THAT WAS HARD.

It felt like Sisyphus pushing that rock up that hill, only to have it roll back down.

And still I advocate: MORE OF HER, on the force! I have YOUR back…but motherfuck a Chauvin. Motherfuck him. We need so much light on this broken system. Here is my take on it: The Inhumanity of Sergeant Pepper Spray.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!