You’re right. HRC’s hands are not clean. People are not fooled, but HRC is very calculating- and this is why I call her less dangerous, but you know what? She might not be.

Hillary has made lots of mistakes and Hillary is surrounded by a great deal of suspiciousness and nasty rumors — but as of yet I’ve not come across any hard core evidence that she purposely destroyed lives. Has she lied? Yes. All politicians do, and especially when cornered. Has she cost people their lives? Yes, but again all politicians do, especially in times of war. There is so much that HRC has done that does not sit well with me, but they are all like that. What we want though, are better choices, not just any other choice. Trump is another choice, but not a better one. I’ve given it a tremendous amount of thought, and between the two, I think HRC is the better choice. I could be wrong though and if Trump hadn’t been so divisive, and a bit more political, like HRC, he really could have won and maybe he would have been great.

I sincerely doubt it though.

The Washington machine is utterly ferocious and its breaking down. Trump has no experience with it, and already he has destabilized the Republican Party. At first I thought this might be cool, but now, not so much. All this means is that for the next four years the government will work for no one. It is going to be four years of nonstop infighting between the Dems and Pubs — meanwhile the country goes to hell in a hand basket. Whatever happened to hope?

Working with the Light!

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