You’re right. It is sort of sick, but everything we do at this point is sort of sick. This is probably one of the lesser sick things we can do to cope.

Wow, it’s very telling that you can’t view that video, though. It’s about our ridiculous travel ban and how it’s being outrageously enforced. And people in other countries can’t see that, they’re just left in the dark about it? I hope that people are aware of how insane The Trump Administration is acting about outsiders and are not trying to travel to this country at this time.

That’s the one thing I do like about comedy. It gets the information out to those who are not informed in an easy, relatively painless way. Because if you’re in another country, and you happen to have brown skin, this video (that they won’t let you see) clearly let’s you know, you’d better think twice before you travel to America. It’s not likely to go well for you, not under the Trump Administration.

Now…I don’t know which group of power mongers want to keep that information from people, the ones in your country or the ones in mine. I am going to go with the ones in your country, because the ones in mine are blasting this from megaphones on a daily basis. They don’t want no brown people in the country! The administration even had no problem with SNL parodying that, because that’s what they stand for. Sean Spicer liked the sketch, which, I wish you could see it because it’s so funny! (But you’re right it’s not funny, really, to laugh about Sean Spicer explaining how brown people will be tortured if they attempt to enter the country.) And it’s really, really not funny since Trump gave a speech to law enforcement officers recently instructing them, on how to torture brown people they come across. Even law enforcement had to come back at Trump with:”Stop! It’s too much! You’re causing problems saying stuff like this! Making life harder and more dangerous for law enforcement!”

And…that was a fucking first…for law enforcement. Usually they are all for being given cart blanc.

So…you know what the Trump Administration does in response? Sends the new press secretary out to say, Trump was “joking.” He was joking about law enforcement beating up the immigrants. And when she comes out -she says the craziest stuff like this, with a straight face. I think you have to mock this!!!!!

If you don’t, you might really start to take it seriously. You might think all of this is just perfectly fine behavior. Sarcasm- which a lot of political comedy is — is based in anger. It is a form of resistance, and for Americans it may be one of the few effective forms of resistance left, because Trump, believe it or not watches SNL.

Trump is obsessed with American TV, and has even been a guest in SNL himself on at least two occasions, (Not as the President. They wouldn’t have him now, they hate him.) But he pays attention to the way he and his administration is depicted on SNL, when SNL depicted Steve Bannon as the real president, Trump responded to that, shut Bannon up, and we haven’t heard a peep from Bannon since! Not hearing much from Bannon is a good thing. But then he has Breitbart, his shadow press, to speak for him so he’s still getting his crazy ass messages out, just not to the entire nation.

Trump cares so much about his image, SNL can actually manipulate him into silencing people and firing people. Spicer couldn’t do press briefings after SNL mocked him badly, which it had to do because when he was hiding in the bushes, well that was pure comedy!

At first I didn’t get why Alec Baldwin wouldn’t do Trump anymore. Everyone thought he was so good at it, and it was wild that he was because he’s NOT a comedian. He’s a serious actor who just hates Trump. He imitated him once, everyone liked it so much, that SNL kept bringing him back to do it, until he refused to do it anymore. They brought him back 16 times! Which is a record for SNL bringing back a guest to do something! It shows how much people want to laugh at Trump, SNLs ratings have gone through the roof with Trump. I personally hadn’t watched SNL in many years…but I did watch for the Trump stuff. But imitating Trump was getting depressing for Baldwin. He kept having to say and do terrible things, that were really happening, and he’d just had enough. Like I said, he wasn’t a comedian, so he couldn’t pull it off the way most comedians could.

For me, it’s about not watching the fake news. At this point, I think comedians are more honest, and American comedians have always been political, so they’re very good at saying this is what’s going down, in a true but funny way. We’ve even got a British comedian who does this, John Oliver. He’s pretty good at it too. We have all kinds of real “fake news” comedy shows — they give you the news, by a comedian. Americans like these shows more than the real “fake news.”

In fact, maybe that’s how fake news started. Real news noticed that we like the fake comedy news shows, better than their boring ass news shows, and started imitating the comedians!!! In fact a lot of our political pundits actually imitate the comedians and conspiracy theorists. Probably not a good thing really, now that I think it through. Wow, didn’t see the connection until now.

But, I think there is power, a sort of passive aggressive power, but power none the less in saying, “I think your actions are so ridiculous and outrageous, I’m going to mock them, laugh at them, and reveal you for the fool you are. You’re not tricking me. I don’t believe you. I see through all your hateful and silly shenanigans.”

Like Sean Spicer hiding in bushes on the White House lawn because he didn’t want to answer questions about Trump firing Comey, head of the FBI. We HAD to laugh about it. We could have ignored it. The press could have reported on it seriously (but that’s sort of scary). What would they say:

The White House is in such disarray, senior officials are hiding from the press because they have no valid answers to provide to them.

That was the truth. But does anyone want to hear that, straight out? No!

How should we cope, in the short run, with so much chaos and insanity and instability? We want to Belittle it and make it seem less threatening than it really is, so we laugh at it. And yes, it’s probably a more sophisticated form of idiotic denial. But at this point? Options for sincere political engagement are limited.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!