You’re right, it’s not. Only you know what you feel, but it reads as anger, or frustration or exasperation. I’m not sure what narrative you think you’re repeatedly addressing, but if a lot of people are responding to you in the same way, maybe you take a step back and examine what you’re saying.

And just because you’re right, doesn’t mean others are wrong. I agree with most of what you have to say, but you keep dismissing and overlooking that which I say, that is critical to me and millions of others who look like me and think like me and feel like me. To us, being ignored (especially when the stakes are life or death!) is irritating, exasperating and frustrating.

Yes, you may very well be right. I think the important point you are making indirectly is violence and extremism only leads to more violence and extremism. Yes you are correct.

Manslaughter is indifference to human life. Correct again. But that is happening everywhere all the time, and I think most black and brown people don’t want to be lectured on the rule of law, when their very lives are at stake, regardless of that law. Which is my point.

So no, you are not wrong, but I’m not wrong either; and at this point, right or wrong is beside the point.

Violence and extremism is ramping up, can anything be done to stop it? My point is attacking Baldwin will probably only make it worse, especially since everything he says is not without merit. Especially since, time and again, you proved his point. And you still don’t or are unwilling to realize it. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes people feel like they have no choice, they have to be violent or else they will become a victim of violence directed at them.

None of this is black and white, really. It’s all shades of gray. Going deep into any extreme perspective is dangerous; and I think that’s what you are doing. Extreme because you ignore everything except that which is in a very small area of focus. I could be wrong, though.

Deep breaths and maybe take a break from this? Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace? It’s a good question, don’t you think?

Working with the Light!

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