You’re right. Or, better still the rhetoric and expression of a President.

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” Like that was bananas! And then, all the crazies and nutsos every where on all sides of the aisles started coming out the woodwork, screaming all sorts of crazy stuff.

I’m sorry, if you rile up and incite a bunch of crazies, there are consequences. Extraordinary how all the political pundits can completely ignore their own role in all of this.

Trump’s bread and butter has always been outrageous provocation, especially in the political arena, so all of this can easily be traced back to Trump, and all of the media that have 24/7 coverage to that insanity.

Wasn’t nobody shooting Congressmen when Obama was President, but then again Obama, not without flaws mind you, didn’t have rallies filled with people chanting “lock her up!” What were they chanting? They were chanting about hope…that’s quite a different tone and rhetoric indeed. Not nearly as salacious though.

Blaming the left and the media is a huge copout, especially when the media does not lead the country. The President does. Trump’s tone was often hostile, offensive, aggressive, unapologetic. Trump’s policies? Extremely violent. Surprise, surprise, millions of Americans are imitating that tone and those actions.

What kind of President never, ever, ever has to take any responsibility for anything that goes down on his watch? Apparently Trump, if his supporters are the judge and jury. Nothing is ever Trump’s fault, he’s pure perfection.

Here is the problem there’s a good sixty million people — probably more- who just don’t buy that. It leads to kick back.

As for the left leaning media, they are taking pages directly out of the Fox and Breitbart playbooks. It’s like the two extreme medias are competing with one another over which side can be more outrageous and incendiary. Where does it end? How many people are going to end up in body bags cause media pundits like to push buttons?

After a while everyone sounds crazy…just nuts.

A man was killed today. Sure he brought it on himself, but he was certainly egged on by Fox, Breitbart, CNN, MSNBC, crazy fake news all over Facebook. If all the media and pundits has been more reasonable in tone, if the President was more reasonable in tone, all of this could have been avoided, most likely.

And, given all the insane instigating news that people can access literally 24/7…maybe it’s not such a great idea to allow any and everyone access to guns? Especially, not those with a history of crime and violence. Maybe, just maybe, request for greater gun controls are based in reason? A little common sense? Maybe so all the riled up crazies don’t go on killing sprees?

Nah! Of course not. The NRA donates billions to the Pubs! What’s a few killing sprees compared to that? Nothing. It’s just life, even a Congressman’s life is a small price to pay, for the NRA billions. Hell, NRA would be fine with all of Congress taking shot, kill all of Congress! NRA will buy America a new Congress, better than this one, so long as everyone can still buy guns! And they know they can count on Pubs to defend gun rights to the death. Literally.

What did Malcolm X say about chickens coming home to roost?

Does no one see the irony? This is a party that bends over backwards to put a gun (or ten) in everyone’s hands. And yet…this shooting spree is all the left’s fault. Yeah.

This show just gets crazier and crazier with each passing day.

Working with the Light!

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