You’re right…”stay in your lane” not the best choice of words. I was just angry that African culture was not only appropriated or misappropriated blatantly…but then called “trashy.”

That REALLY pissed me off. Like really. I have a lot of black women in my family who look straight Nigerian…and I know all the shit they have to go through because they don’t measure up to the typical Western beauty standard…and so to me, this appropriation says: “black women are trashy, but white women make their clothes cool.”

Say it to my face mfer! I will cut you!

This how mad I am about this. I am tired of — and it’s not white women- but a system that constantly seeks to degrade black women in any and every possible conceivable way.

So I am saying to the architects of this system, I am hip to your shit, mfer!


I really won’t, but acting loud and ghetto is intimidating and makes people think twice…so and I will go there, from time to time, to make a point. I really wish I could find the journalist who wrote this and curse them the hell out. What can I say Teri? I am in a mood.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!