You’re so right. About all of it. About the feeling defeated. About how deeply horrifying and terrifying this is — not just for victims of sexual assault, but those who advocate for them or stand up for them and hope to use the legal system to do it. I’m a civil rights lawyer who does such things, and believe me, I am sick over this.

Because I understand that it goes even deeper than that. I can see, very clearly the dismantling of a kinda/sorta fair legal system turning into a brutal, dictatorial, oppressive legal system. And it already has many aspects and components to that, but it’s going to get much worse if we all don’t vote, resist, fight, protest, but mainly vote, vote, vote to take back our democracy.

But this is exhausting. This is what we’ve all been doing and it is exhausting.

How can I look any of my clients in the face, knowing that their chances for any sort of Justice get slimmer with each passing day…I am sick with this.

Because it takes so much for them to come forward and fight when horrible things have been done to them, and they say things like, “it’s not going to make a difference” “I won’t be believed” and largely, they are right. We have seen how this plays out on a national stage.

I am nonstop inwardly weeping…God help us all.

Working with the Light!

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