You’re wrong about that. There are plenty of Americans, especially young Americans, who are very critical of this two party system that always gives the choice of worse and worser…Black Americans especially have been talking a lot about how Democrats do NOTHING but take their votes and laugh behind their backs and many actually join the Republican Party because of this.

Now granted I THINK this is absolutely insane. But I know Black Trumpsters who absolutely love the guy! Love Trump!!!! And they have bought into their version of the Fox News bubble, as well as the idea (the truth actually) that Democrats do very little to help them.

The Democratic Party has a lot of problems, but for me the biggest one is that they have always been Republican lite. They offer no real alternative.

Trump and his ilk have made this problem so much worse. The choice now is between hell and hell lite. At a certain point we have got to say no to hell…this is not a fringe movement…this is thousands of people on the streets around the world movement. We do not want the hell both Dems and Pubs enable.

Working with the Light!

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