Yours is a very interesting, and I think honest perspective. You do get it…at least a little. The whole part about black lives not mattering due to features of always corrupt capitalism system, (cause slavery is not a “free” market and blacks not getting “goodies” ain’t the half of it.)

Nevertheless, you see the systems have changed, and race doesn’t determine a higher slot within the economic heirarchical structures as it once did.

Those structures are crumbling, due to instability and unsustainabilty, and we’re all trapped in this crumbling together because it’s a ridiculously interconnected system.

And so I think, the task is to build something entirely different, newer, fairer , incorruptible and sustainable. And Marx…how in the hell could Marx help us with any of this? Marx was obsessed with the plight of factory workers, was he not? I don’t remember. I never found Marx to be all that interesting.

And I don’t know that people who believe black lives matter (almost all black people in the world) are Marxist. Where are you you’re getting that from? And why do you fear something (Marxism) that will never going to come to pass. The time and place for that ideology is done. It’s like thinking the horse and carriage is a threat to the electric car…we are not going backwards.

We are going forward into a future where all of the deep, sick corruptions of very broken economic systems are being revealed. American Slavery is just a small part of it.

These systems, built on lies, smoke and mirrors, manipulation of every conceivable kind, propaganda, gaslighting, psyops, wars upon wars, multiple slave trades, and millions of not billions of human sacrifices, (not to mention nature and the animals) are evil. The issue before us is Capitalism 2.0 (Globalism which is just an expansive more lethal version of capitalism) OR something else entirely.

I vote for something else entirely. The earth does too…cause she’s tired of all the murder, death, kill energy capitalism has brought to her surface…it’s a bad rash, for the earth…and she’s going to heal herself. That’s what she’s doing.

And men have their plans for world domination, but this earth will never be conquered by men. All the water on the planet could be used to drown us all…and maybe that is slowly happening already…sea levels are rising…cities on the coast are well aware of the dire economic consequences this.

We have to evolve. It’s time for something new…the same old murder death kill capitalism turned globalism, will not work for much longer. (Done in 100 years, if not sooner.)

Working with the Light!

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